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Help this kid out, y'all. [02 Jan 2008|11:35pm]
[ mood | working ]

If you want to do some good and help someone out, help this kid: Operation Amina

The kid is a 3-year-old Iraqi who needs heart surgery; the Marine I know (who's recently promoted to Lieutenant Commander) is related (by marriage) to one of the elders of the church. He's a trustworthy dude and has the Official Marie Stamp of Approval.

To be honest, I wouldn't get the word out there unless I personally know who's behind it (For those that know me offline, y'all know how I am with this sort of stuffage.).

Considering that all you hear is bad news coming out of Iraq, let's get some good news for a change.

(I normally do friends' only, but I'm opening this to everyone; it's important to me that everyone sees this.)

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9: October's a special month. [03 Oct 2007|10:49am]
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (as well as several birthdays, Halloween (for those who celebrate), All Saints' Eve and Reformation Day (for those crazy Reformed Christians like myself).).

Feel free to share any stories here; I'll get it started.

The MIL survived breast cancer. Twice. As I told my friend 1smart1 (from LJ), she kicked its scrawny butt all the way to Timbuktu.

For my birthday, she gave me a small teddy bear with a purple jumpsuit that had an embroidered pink ribbon (that symbolizes breast cancer awareness) on it. Sue (named after the MIL) is sitting next to some of my books in my office/spare bedroom. The MIL's an awesome lady (even when she does talk too much) and I'm quite proud of her.

For the record, she makes fun of her prosthesis and is more than comfortable talking about bra sizes with her daughter-in-law for some reason. XD
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5: Religion of peace my foot. [06 Jul 2007|02:43pm]
Islam's Global War against Christianity
By Patrick Poole
we are all infidels to these murderers )
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1: Friends' Only. [01 Jun 2007|11:18am]
I'll put it this way: This is a friends' only journal. In order to be added, please comment first.
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